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Pyrite by Frank Ocean used to be THAT song. Remember when we would talk late at night, & we would sing it together ? Remember when you would promise me you would never do anything to hurt me ? Remember when you fucking said I was the only one you wanted ?

Do you want to know what still bothers me till this day about this ?

What bothers me is that you never kept that promise. I did whatever it took to commit my ass to you. Every single fucking thing. How did you pay me back ? you fucked some other girl yet you have the audacity to tell me not to ever do it. I had to figure this out from someone elses mouth. Not yours. So don’t you ever dare say that im the one who did wrong bc you know damn well i did anything i could for you. & like i told you that night, im never ever forgiving you for it. Don’t go around saying you loved me. Don’t go around saying you loved me bc thats a damn lie sweetie.  

Yet after all, you still roam my mind at night. 



Pyrite by Frank Ocean


[120314] Leeteuk at Incheon Airport

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